20' Dual Lane Accelerator Slide

20' Dual Lane Accelerator Slide

    • Actual Size: 18x25x20
    • Setup Area: 21x30x20ft tall
    • Outlets: 2 electrical outlets needed for 2 blowers
    • Attendants: available for hire if needed

    • $449.00
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Dry Slides 

The impressive 20 Foot Dual Lane Slide is a dual dry slide guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any indoor or outdoor event. Great for promoting friendly competition or group challenges, kids can climb together up the center climb, and then choose a left- or right-sided slick slide, for a fast-track ride to the cushioned bottom with a safety stop. Hooded safety on top makes sure riders slide down properly. It features an inflatable safety ramp at the entrance to protect excited kids as they scramble to get inside.  Recommend 5 kids at a time, two sliding, two  climbing and one entering. This unit must be staked or tied off for safety, otherwise water barrels must be ordered. 


  • Inflatable Safety Ramp Entrance
  • Climber, 20ft Dual Lane Slide
  • Combined Total Weight Of Users Not To Exceed 1,000 lbs